Q: Who will join in the zoom discussion at the end of each session?

A: All speakers/authors from the session will be able to join the zoom session. The moderator will ask questions from the audience. We also encourage you to "raise your hand" to engage with fellow speakers. The zoom link is available on the neurips workshop page (conference registration required). It is imperative that those who join the zoom session close the livestream to avoid feedback.

Q: Will the video of my talk be available after the workshop?

A: Yes. We'll preserve a link to the Slideslive/NeurIPS video on our website and you should also be able to find it thru their interface.

Q: My paper has been accepted. Now what?

A: Each accepted paper will be presented in a pre-recorded oral session of no more than 20 minutes. The NeurIPS recording team, Slideslive, will contact all accepted papers via email with presentation instructions in early November. Recorded presentations for contributed talks must be uploaded no later than November 14. Camera-ready submissions should be updated on CMT before Dec. 7, though earlier is better as they will be added to the website. On the day of the workshop, we will stream pre-recorded talks and host an interactive Q&A session with all speakers.

Q: What will the schedule look like on Dec. 12?

A: All live workshop events will take place on the calendar day of Dec. 12 in Vancouver, Canada to respect the original conference location. The schedule can be found here and includes streamed talks and interactive zoom sessions. Be sure to join our slack to stay up-to-date.

Q: Will AI for Earth Sciences have workshop proceedings?

A: Accepted papers and talk recordings will be promoted on our webpage and through social media, but we do not currently have official proceedings. Please consider this workshop a venue to present and get feedback on work within the machine learning and science community. Our intention is for #ai4earth to foster community for researchers working on similar earth-science problems.

Q: Can I submit work to this workshop if I am also submitting to another NeurIPS 2020 workshop?

A: Yes. It is, however, your responsibility to ensure that there is no time conflict between presentations at the two workshops. Please feel free to contact us if you have a constraint and we will do our best to accommodate.

Q: How do I register for the workshop?

A: Please register for interactive access to virtual NeurIPs through the main conference site. The registration fee, which includes the main conference and the workshops, is 25 USD for students and 100 USD for everyone else.

Q: What is the registration cost used towards?

A: The nominal NeurIPS registration fee is used to provide administration overhead (including video recording and publishing).

Q: What is the registration process for keynote speakers?

A: Please contact the organizer who extended your invitation for more details.

Q: Will the talks be available after the live virtual conference?

A: Yes all papers, streamed recordings, and talks will be made available on our website. Feel free to check out our past events.

Q: Can I submit previously published work to this workshop as papers?

A: Yes, though under certain conditions. New, submitted, and recently accepted work may be contributed to this workshop so long as it meets the following official guidelines set by the main conference: “Workshops are not a venue for work that has been previously published in other conferences on machine learning or related fields. Work that is presented at the main NeurIPS conference should not appear in a workshop, including as part of an invited talk.”.

Q: Can I submit work at the workshop to another venue or in parallel?

A: Yes, AI for Earth Sciences is non-archival and encourages our accepted papers to publish in venues excluding NeurIPS 2020. Please check restrictions on other publishing venues to avoid conflict.