Virtual Workshop Date: Saturday, December 12th PDT

This workshop seeks to discuss work at the intersection of earth science and machine learning, bringing together scientists working on important geoscientific and planetary challenges together with machine learning specialists. This workshop encompasses both applied and theoretical work from both fields. Topics include demonstrating machine learning techniques in fields related to earth-systems science 8 sessions.

Overview Schedule

All times are in PST (Vancouver time)

Start End Session Session Chair Keynotes / Panelists
06:45 06:55 Welcome S. Karthik Mukkavilli ---
06:55 08:55 Sensors and Sampling Johanna Hansen Yogesh Girdhar, Hannah Kerner, Renaud Detry & Greg Dudek
08:55 10:55 Ecology Natasha Dudek Dan Morris & Giulio De Leo
10:55 12:45 Water S. Karthik Mukkavilli Pierre Gentine
12:45 13:25 Keynote: Milind Tambe S. Karthik Mukkavilli Milind Tambe
13:25 15:25 Atmosphere Tom Beucler Michael Pritchard & Elizabeth Barnes
15:25 17:20 ML Theory Karthik Kashinath Stephan Mandt & Rose Yu
17:20 18:00 People-Earth Mayur Mudigonda Dan Kammen, Milind Tambe, & Giulio De Leo
18:00 19:00 Solid-Earth Kelly Kochanski ---
19:00 20:55 Datasets Karthik Kashinath Stephan Rasp
20:55 21:00 Closing Remarks Organizers --